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Illuminated Signs are the perfect way for your business to be noticed both day and night.

Studies show that as much as 55 percent of retail purchases are on impulse; therefore, making signage that draws customers into a retail operation very important. Here at Allied we will work with you to make sure you get the signage that you want, so you can pull in the clientele that you need.

Here are a few words we like to use when discussing Illuminated Signs:

Channel Letters: A fabricated three-dimensional aluminum letter that includes a light source. Channel letter can either be front lit (light coming from the face), halo lit (illuminated from behind the sign giving it a halo type light) or both.

Cabinets: A fabricated sign box, which contains a light source. Faces can be routed aluminum (which allow light to only come out through the cut our portions) or plex (which allows the whole face to be illuminated).

Backer Panels: Is a sign accessory, often a contrasting color of the channel letters to help them stand out from the building.

Exposed Neon: Neon tubing which is exposed to the elements or which can be seen through clear acrylic faces. Used mainly for novelty or special effect. *Allied is one of the few companies left that has trained neon technicians .

Raceways: A metal box running the length of a set of lighted letters, where all electrical wires and transformers are housed. All letters are connected together on the face of the raceway and the entire unit is mounted to the wall. The Raceway is almost always painted to match the building. This method of installing lighted letters minimizes wall penetrations and makes for easier service in the future.

Please visit the nearest location to you and let us help you with your next sign project, or call our main office, 801-972-5503 we will route you to the correct division.