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Whether you are trying to catch people’s attention on the freeway or give them direction on the street; a monument or pole sign is a great way to let customers know where to find you.

Pylons, Pole Signs and Monuments come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be built to fit your business perfectly. At Allied we have the perfect team to help you design and install the best sign.

Here are a few words we like to use when discussing Monuments & Pylons:

Monuments: An upright sign located on the ground (as opposed to a wall sign) and is usually double sided, with a brick or aluminum base.

Pylons: A typically tall, freestanding outdoor sign mounted onto 1 or 2 poles, usually illuminated, and advertising the name of businesses. A pylon sign is installed on the business property, but not attached to the building.

Tenant Panel: A single panel with a business’ name & Logo on a Monument or Pylon.

Directional: A small sign usually on a post in a parking lot, which directs traffic in a certain direction.

Please visit the nearest location to you and let us help you with your next sign project, or call our main office, 801-972-5503 we will route you to the correct division.